The CROUSES ( Regional Centers of University Works and School Children – Centers Régionaux des Œuvres Universitaires et Scolaires ) manage the university residences that are located on the campus or in the city.

The CROUS residences are certainly the most economical formula: the monthly fees are between € 120 for a single room and € 350 for a studio apartment. Unfortunately, these homes are few in number and are generally assigned to students holding a scholarship provided by the French government.

Moreover, several universities have entered into agreements with the CROUS, which allow them to book some rooms for foreign students participating in exchange or cooperation programs. Find out at your institution or the granting institution.
Otherwise, to benefit from a room, you must set up a “logement international” dossier and send it between January 15th and May 31st of the university year prior to arrival.

There is a CROUS for academy and everyone works their way and has their own website. Be sure to contact the academy CROUS with which the institution in which you are registered has an agreement.

Les Grandes Ecoles and some private institutions have their own residences located on the Campus itself. These institutions try to book accommodation for the international students they host.

Private student residences are available both in cities and universities. Rents for a room or a studio are higher than those offered by the CROUS because they offer a high level of comfort and are able to offer different services (reception, intercom, lounge, cafeteria, laundromat, cleaning, garage … ). These residences are often located near the campus.

This option is the solution that offers greater independence , as it allows you to choose the place and type of accommodation and enjoy the entertainment of the city center.

To rent an accommodation, the student deals directly with the private individual or through estate agents. If you rent through a real estate agency, you need to pay a fee of less than one month’s rent. The apartments can be rented empty or furnished.

Usually the lease is valid for one year. It is possible to cancel the contract before the expiry date, with a three-month notice for an empty apartment or a month for a furnished apartment.

To reduce expenses, you can also choose the ” colocation ” which consists of sharing an apartment or a house with other students. It is often cheaper than renting individually and can facilitate meeting with other French and international students.

Various internet sites allow you to find ads: the bon coins , the carte des colocs , apartments , and even many groups on social networks!