After high school, many students decide to continue their studies at university. It often happens that the chosen university is not in the region or province of residence and therefore students are faced with a search, which can sometimes be exhausting, of the best housing solution for them. The variables to consider are many: price, proximity to the university, quarteri. In addition to the costs of tuition fees and books , resident students are faced with even those for the ‘ rental of a house . But how to navigate between the student’s home, accommodation and rented roomsfor students? The channels in which to look for a home are many and all valid: from university bulletin boards to student associations, from real estate sites to word of mouth. Here are some tips for you if you plan to rent a room to study from outside the university .

STUDENT HOLIDAY RENTALS: UNIVERSITY ACCOMMODATION, EYE TO BANDS How to look for a house for rent: guide for students away from home If they are in possession of certain requirements, students can access university accommodation whose availability, however, is almost always lower than the number of those who would be eligible. To get one is therefore extremely difficult, but to try does not harm, so watch out for the calls that in summer publish the institution for the right to study the university where you will enroll.

To obtain public housing, the application must be submitted to the company for the right to study of its own university (attention to deadlines that generally go between August and September!); when completing the application forms for the scholarship, also request the form for accommodation. After delivering it, all that remains is to wait for the rankings to be published.

What happens if the rankings are published between October and November? If you have the idea of ​​having a good chance of winning the accommodation, you should look for temporary accommodation. If, on the other hand, you don’t feel like venturing a prediction, or if you “sniff” for not being among the winners, throw yourself headlong into the private market because the more time passes the harder it will be to find satisfactory accommodation.

The guide for beginners: House for rent: the handbook for students

The advice is to move a little earlier than the actual beginning of the lessons. Without hurry it will be easier to find the accommodation that best suits your needs, by location and price.

Many offers can be found on the faculty bulletin boards where dozens of people publish their ads by looking for / offering accommodation, books, repetitions … Alternatively there are specialized newspapers (when you arrive in your university town, ask at the newsstand) or it can be useful internet search. Every university today has its own website and those most sensitive to the needs of students also have a virtual bulletin board, or a forum where students can meet and publish their announcements.

If housing prices are rather high in large university cities , the situation improves considerably when choosing smaller, less dispersed and more student-sized centers. Here it is easier to find information and even everyday life – both inside and outside the university – is much more livable.

These are centers for university students that associate a human, academic and professional training project with the housing function. incolleges students take advantage of food, lodging and other services.
In addition to the places available for a fee each year, numerous scholarships are available that allow the most deserving to not pay the annual tuition.

Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Check if the institution for the right to study at your university or the Municipality provides a home-seeking or other kind of assistance service.

Before making decisions about housing, always check in person as you will have to live in that house and probably for quite a while.

Some municipalities reimburse part of the costs of renting to out-of-school students with regular contracts, so inquire about this possibility.

Always inquire about the type of contract that is stipulated and do not give up : a regular contract allows you to deduct the cost from your family’s 730 (or yours if you are self-employed)

Being a student-tenant means having duties but also rights. It is right to know them and ask their respect even to those who rent the accommodation.