Bars are venues that may or may not provide customers a great experience. In Richlands, finding the best bar can be quite challenging but not impossible. If you’re on the hunt for bars in Richlands, finding the following qualities make them one of the best:

Profitable business

Profitability is the highest factor for people to invest in the hospitality industry. Bars are considered as part of the hospitality world and a highly-profitable bar means it’s one of the best.

Simply put, a bar is considered highly successful when it combines great customer service and productivity techniques. This means that bars consistently showing large patronage can be considered as the best there is.

Thought leader

A solid reputation as a thought leader is one of the qualities shared by the best bars. Educating their customers particularly in the quality of beer and wine is a sign of a successful bar.

The knowledgeable bartenders of successful bars are trained to make them confident to speak about wines, spirits, and beers to their customers. Customers, as a rule, like to know what they are drinking. Entertaining as well as educating customers about their drinks establish the reputation of a good bar as a thought leader.

Great customer service

A friendly welcome by a door staff is a quality commonly shared by the best bars. Some of the top-notch bars have their bartenders introduce guests to their next neighbours. This great service allows customers to meet and engage in some social interaction while drinking.

A bar with great table service is the thing that provides an edge above the rest. Glasses don’t stay empty for long when a good server serves a customer the drink previously ordered. A drink left alone for a longer period by a guest is quickly noticed by a good server. He/she will ask the customer if the drink is to their taste and suggest something if it’s not.

Clean toilets

Toilets of top bars are constantly clean and monitored. Hand towels and hot water are always there. A hand towel and a squirt of soap are always on hand with the toilet attendant that instantly provides service to every guest that uses the toilet.

Amazing ambience

A bar may show minimalist or cluttered interiors. A customer who wants a homely and warm atmosphere would feel right at home with the cluttered ambience. Minimalist bar interiors, on the other hand, works for customers that want a relaxing ambience after a hard day’s work.

The right music sets the right mood. The right combination of bar lighting and music creates an amazing ambience that wins customers all the time. The right temperature setting is an important factor shared by the best bars. A cosy atmosphere is always the ambience the best bars want to provide.

Comfortable chairs and seats

Comfortable chairs and seats are hallmarks of the best bars. A ledge or a small table placed within the reach of each chair is often seen in top-notch bars. This extra comfort enables customers to rest their drinks or food while remaining seated at the bar.

A bar can only be considered one of the best if it provides the right food and drinks selection, great customer service, amazing ambience, and the right decor. Check us out by contacting us at The Lion Richlands.