One of the most exciting challenges an angler would ever come across is the opportunity of catching a Marlin. The real challenge arises because of the fast paced chase. Marlins are huge and despite their size quite fast and agile. Striped Marlins are considered the second fastest fish in the world because they can swim up to fifty miles an hour. However, the other marlins are not far behind.

Marlins perform acrobatics which are at par with any ballerina. Plus they are skilled and graceful enough to resemble a bull fighter in all their glory. They fight for their life with all their might. Most anglers prefer setting the marlin back into the sea once it has been caught.

If you are interested in catching a fish which weighs more than 1000 pounds, here are all the simple facts you should know about.

  • Marlins belong to the bill fish family species. They make use of their bill like a spear. They can use it to lash and stun their prey on spot.
  • Marlins are a migratory species. They are normally found in tropical and sub-tropical waters. They usually change their position based on how warm the water is. Marlins move in accordance with the climatic changes preferring the warmth of the tropics.
  • There are four min kinds of marlins. These include the blue, black white and striped marlin. Despite the difference in names, the species look more or less the same when observed from a distance. Anyone who doesn’t have a trained eye would not be able to distinguish between the four.
  • Blue marlin females weigh four times more than a male. However, it has also been observed that marlins of the Pacific Ocean tend to be bigger than the ones in the Atlantic.

  • On the other hand the black marlins typical of the Indian and the Pacific Ocean. They usually frequent the coral reefs and islands. Back marlins tend to be bigger than the blue marlin. In Australia you would find some of the biggest black marlins to date. It’s also referred to as the bull of the sea.
  • White marlin are considered as the smallest of the marlin species. Despite being the smallest the least of these weight more than 220 pounds. However, their small size makes them much sought after. This is because of the fast paced challenge which these fish provide. They overpower their prey by overtaking rather than using their bill.
  • Striped marlins on the other hand are found in the Pacific Ocean yet they prefer the much colder waters. They have one of a kind fighting ability. They move in leaps and bounds. However, there are visible blue stripes on these marlins when seen at a closer angle.

Eastern Australia is considered as one of the best places to catch a marlin. Cairns boasts as being the marlin fishing capital of the world. Adrenaline Charters are experts in Marlin fishing. Make sure you make a booking today.